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By | January 7, 2020

Impact Emergency Technologies cc is a private company, which enables us to deliver services without traditional restrictions. Originally established as a provider of the Basic Ambulance Course, Impact grew into an International Accredited Training College that provides training for Professional Fire Fighters, Ambulance Personnel and Basic Emergency Training as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Since then Impact Emergency Technologies cc has extended and Impact Medical Response was registered as an intermediate ambulance service.

Impact Emergency Technologies Group is a competitive entity, who provides a professional but affordable service. We are a “Proudly South African” company who believes in our land and our people. In light of this: “We do not copy cat international trends and fee structures, we deliver a service that is unique, in South Africa – for South Africans.”

Impact Emergency Technologies (Roodepoort)

Instructors Course

Fee: R3500.00
Duration: One week
Date: 24 July
Qualifications: FF1, FF2, HA and HO
Matric cert copy, ID Copy &
All these documents copies are required for registration
Venue: Impact Roodepoort


Banking Details:

Acc No. :1662098790
Branch Code :198765
Reference : Full ID Number

Acc No. :4055744455
Branch Code :632005
Reference : Full ID Number

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Training Services At IET Fire Rescue and EMS Academy

Please feel free to contact us about our Quality Training Services:
Fire Fighting
Hazardous Materials
Health and Safety
Training Rescue
In Development

Medical Courses

1. First Aid Level I, II & III
2. Basic Ambulance Course (Professional)

Fire Fighting

1.  Basic Fire Fighting
2.  Industrial Fire Fighting
3.  Fire Fighter I & II (Internationally Accredited)
4.  Fire Service Instructor (Internationally Accredited)
5.  Fire Officer (Internationally Accredited)
6.  National Certificate fire and rescue (LGSETA accredited)

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Hazardous Materials

1.  Hazmat Awareness (for the Public) | Hazmat Awareness (Internationally Accredited)
2.  Hazmat Operational (Internationally Accredited)

Health and Safety Training

1.  Health and Safety Induction
2.  Health and Safety Representative
3.  Incident Investigation
4.  HIV/Aids Awareness
5.  Basic Medical Rescue
6.  Light Vehicle Rescue
7.  Confined Space Rescue
8.  High Angle Rope Rescue I & II
9.  Working from heights

In Development
1.  Ambulance Emergency Assistant
2.  Emergency Care Technician
3.  Hazardous Materials Technician

Contact Details

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries

More info: 0117621584/ 1421